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Brand new A12 R7 w 12gb Ram, but graphics stuck on 512mb... help please?

Question asked by blinky on Dec 28, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2017 by armincochon

I know the R7 on my laptop is shared graphics, but surely the system's 12GB ram can share more than a shocking 512MB??


i already tried changing it in bios, but it doesnt really let you, only enable or disable 'SVR'... which has had no effect (so far).


7th gen laptop, Lenovo 310, A12 9700P, R7, 10 compute cores (4C +6G)

hoped it could pull off older games (bf2) on medium/high settings or gta 4 on low, but still struggling badly.


I expected alot more from this machine, and just about crying now! ...have i been conned?