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    Amd Fps Performance Drop


      I am having fps problems since I updated my gpu driver to 16.12.2. I had this problem on my laptop too but I fixed it by removing driver and reinstalling. But on my desktop pc I tried to uninstall with ddu and reinstall but it didn't work. Then I formatted my desktop pc but still same problem. After the update both my desktop pc and laptop's performance in csgo dropped to 10 fps.
      How can I fix this problem??


      GPU: Asus R7 250 OC

      CPU:Amd A6-3500K x64

      MOTHERBOARD:Asus F1A75

      RAM: 8GB Kingston

      OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 TR



      GPU: Amd R7 M440

      CPU:Intel i5 7200U 7th gen x64

      RAM:8GB Single Channel DDR4 2400MHz (8GBx1)

      LAPTOP: Dell Inspiron 5567

      OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 TR


      Note: Sorry for my bad english :/

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          I had this same issue playing world of warships.  With driver 16.12.2 my fps would constantly bounce from 75 to 25.  I went back to version 16.12.1 and now have constant 75 fps.  I tried the new 17.1.1 version and it has the same issues.   System is as follows:


          R9 Fury x2 in crossfire

          i7 6700K

          Gigabyte G1 Gaming 7 motherboard

          16gb G.Skill 3200 ddr4 ram

          Windows 10 64 bit