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Dell Precision T5810 display drivers keep crashing

Question asked by mustang2431 on Dec 28, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2017 by rkendall

My Specs (same for both PC's):

Dell Precision Tower 5810

Windows 7 Pro 64bit

System Memory

     Type DDR4

     Size: 16 GBytes

Processor: Intel Xeon CPU E5-1620 v3 @ 3.50GHz

2 - AMD FirePro W4100 (FireGL V) Graphics Adapter

Board Manuf: 0x1028 (0x2B1E)

Current Driver version: 15.200.1045.0


     Core: 630 MHz

     Memory 1000 MHz

Memory Size: 2048 MBytes


I have two of these same computers and I am having the exact same issue on both. I have been on with Dell support for a month now trying to pinpoint the issue. I have had both cards replaced on both machines and even had a board swapped on one of them, also tried 3 different drivers from clean installs and I am still having issues.


Now, I do have four monitors on each machine. They are all different monitors and different sizes so I will add that below as well. I did just notice that 3 of the 8 monitors had different refresh rates so I just changed them all to 60 Hertz. Two of them were set at 59 Hertz and one was at 29 Hertz (All were the NEC monitors). Not sure if that has anything to do with this problem but any info helps. Resolution is all over the place as well.


Computer 1 Monitors

1. Asus - VE248 (1920 x 1080)

2. NEC MultiSync V463(HDMI) (1776 x 1000)

3. LG TV (1360 x 768)

4. LGTV (1360 x 768)


Computer 2 Monitors

1. LG TV (1360 x 768)

2. 2D HG LG TV (1366 x 768)

3. NEC MultiSync V463(HDMI) (1776 x 1000)

4. NEC MultiSync V463(HDMI) (1776 x 1000)


Here's all the things I've had happen:

-Screens go black and come back - Warning message pops up "Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered." Event 4101, Display

-On occasion it will BlueScreen with BCCode: 119 - According to Dell this is a display code

-Lastly, this only happened once but, After installing a driver I've had a warning message pop up "Hardware Id Missing" Windows cannot identify the device plugged into the (motherboard) PCI Express Root Port 3 - 2F08


So, I have tried 3 different drivers:

13.352.1009 - Given to me by Dell but wouldn't let me install (.exe or .inf)

15.200.1045.0 - This is off of Dells website - only driver I can get to install (through the exe that is)

16.12.1 - AMD current driver - I run the exe and it wont even install, It says "No AMD hardware found on the machine." OR it will only install the HDMI Audio driver...


I have tried all 3 running the .exe and I have tried all 3 just going into device manager and pointing to the driver's .inf. Before reinstalling any drivers I made sure to run the AMD clean uninstall utility each time.


So I am puzzled as to why the AMD detect cant even see that I have 2 AMD graphics cards.. Its like the motherboard sees that there is a video card there but wont recognize the details of it. We use both computers for our security system and run about 12 cameras per monitor on 4 monitors per machine but I did make sure that the driver was crashing before the program was crashing. The program would crash and close about a minute after the driver would crash. Dell is out of ideas and wants me to reinstall the OS which I really don't want to do since I'm having the same identical issue on both computers right out of the box and even after replacing all those parts. If anyone can shed some light on this I would greatly appreciate it!