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    My friend has stronger and better CPU and GPU but i have higher framerate in same settings



      Yesterday my friend and i had LAN party.We downloaded The Forest and i made the server and he joined.He had trouble running the game,he had like 18-23 fps.I am going to give you his PC parts and my PC parts.We both own and AMD GPU.


      GPU:ATI RADEON HD 4830 512 MB GDDR3

      CPU:INTEL I3 2100 3,1 GHz

      RAM:4GB DDR3 1333MHZ

      PSU:550W MS

      HDD:1TB SAMSUNG 7200 RPM

      OS:Windows 7 proffesional 64 bit

      INTERNET SPEED:50MB/S (When its 2 of us its split,also my TV is taking 10 MB/S so we both have like 20)

      HIS PC:

      GPU:R5 M200 /HD 8500M 1 GB GDDR3

      CPU:INTEL CELERON 1005M (we compared both CPUs and his has stronger cores).

      PSU:He has a Lenovo laptop

      RAM:4GB DDR3 1333MHz


      OS:Windows 10 proffesional 64 bit.

      Please respond,i dont know what is happening here,its not logical by me...

      Thanks for reading!