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    Need Help w/ Graphic Card Install


      Hello, All!


      So right off the bat, I apologize for sounding noob to this whole thing, well because I am. I've never bought a graphics card before and thought I would give it a try. My problem is I installed the AMD Radeon Rx 460 4GB [or at least I think I did] and tried connecting it to my monitor with the HDMI cable. Problem is, there is no connection to the screen. I have to switch the HDMI to the stock graphic chip in order to view anything. I attached my PC specification here so you can see for yourself. I tried looking through the forums to see if anyone else had the same issue, but I had no luck. My power output is 300W, but I read quite a bit on other forums and multiple people have stated that that output should be completely fine. Someone even ran theirs w/ 280W ! Anyway, if anyone knows any solutions it would much be appreciated.



      I should also mention that there is a 6 pin thing able to be attached to the graphic card. I, however, have no idea where this would connect to on the PC. =/ There is a red light that's turned on directly above this 6 pin connector.


      Anyone have any ideas? Thanks


      UPDATE: The graphics card doesn't show in the device manager, either. I'm not sure why.


      UPDATE 2: I bought a 600W power supply, just to cure my curiosity and guess what? It worked! The red light I was telling you about turned blue, and at that point I knew it worked. Guess I have more things running than that other guy w/ 280W. I should also note that the new power supply came with the 6 pin connector, and that's connected, too. Without that 6 pin, it stayed on red status. Oh well, hope this helped anyone else out there that had the same problem! Happy New Years, Guys!


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          Power supply wattage is meaningless, what is important is the amperage at +12v, which everything runs on except RAM (3.3v I think, could be 5v), PCI (3.3v) and USB (5v). That really horrid Dell power supply most likely only rated for 15 or 18 amps (180 or 216 watts) at 12v, and that's very little to divide between the entire system when you take away the 6 or 7 amps that RX 460 will pull.

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