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Need Help w/ Graphic Card Install

Question asked by impartialarity on Dec 28, 2016
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Hello, All!


So right off the bat, I apologize for sounding noob to this whole thing, well because I am. I've never bought a graphics card before and thought I would give it a try. My problem is I installed the AMD Radeon Rx 460 4GB [or at least I think I did] and tried connecting it to my monitor with the HDMI cable. Problem is, there is no connection to the screen. I have to switch the HDMI to the stock graphic chip in order to view anything. I attached my PC specification here so you can see for yourself. I tried looking through the forums to see if anyone else had the same issue, but I had no luck. My power output is 300W, but I read quite a bit on other forums and multiple people have stated that that output should be completely fine. Someone even ran theirs w/ 280W ! Anyway, if anyone knows any solutions it would much be appreciated.



I should also mention that there is a 6 pin thing able to be attached to the graphic card. I, however, have no idea where this would connect to on the PC. =/ There is a red light that's turned on directly above this 6 pin connector.


Anyone have any ideas? Thanks


UPDATE: The graphics card doesn't show in the device manager, either. I'm not sure why.


UPDATE 2: I bought a 600W power supply, just to cure my curiosity and guess what? It worked! The red light I was telling you about turned blue, and at that point I knew it worked. Guess I have more things running than that other guy w/ 280W. I should also note that the new power supply came with the 6 pin connector, and that's connected, too. Without that 6 pin, it stayed on red status. Oh well, hope this helped anyone else out there that had the same problem! Happy New Years, Guys!


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