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    Does AMDGPU-PRO work with Radeon R7 M260?


      I bought an ASUS laptop with an A8 Radeon R5 processor and a R5 M320 Graphics, and I use Debian GNU/Linux.

      When I bought it, I sadly discovered Catalyst Driver (fglrx) was not longer supported by any Linux distro because of incompatibility with X (graphic environment on Linux) and Linux Kernel.

      It was really disappointing. My new laptop wont use the VGA Card the way it have to do!

      Then, I wanted to buy another laptop who had  a VGA card compatible with Linux (I don't like Microsoft at all).

      I wonder if R7 M260 is compatible with AMDGPU-PRO.

      I have the choice of buying Intel - NVidia laptop, but I rather AMD.

      I've been AMD user for a long time.