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Black screen after installing amd drivers!!

Question asked by sasheto on Dec 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2017 by sasheto

Hello guys !

I bought new radeon r9 390 sapphire video card and after installing the video drivers from the cd of the card everything was ok. But after installing the latest drivers (16.12.2) or earlier drivers (16.11), after 1 hour for example (its random), the screen just get black. I have reinstalled my windows and again nothing. If i stay with the default drivers from windows, or the drivers from the cd everything is ok. But i cant play games like Battlefield 1.  I am 10000 % sure that the problem is from the drivers, because i bought today new ram (kingston ddr4 2133mhz),cpu(i5-6500) and mother (asus H110m-a). And before that i used to use asrock 970 pro 3 mainbother with fx-8320 and 16 gb ddr3 kingston mamory....with both pc parts the problem was same - black screen after 10,15 min, 1 hour....its all random. The problem is not in  the video card because when the drivers are uninstalled, there is no problem. I hope you can help


P.P I am sorry for my bad English!!!!!