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the new 16.12.1 update for my  R9 370 washes out colors as soon as I start Diablo 3

Question asked by wifeswrath on Dec 28, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2016 by redfury

For a couple days now since I installed the new 16.12.1 update for my  R9 370  I found colors washed out.  I checked the drivers, ran a graphics card check through Alienware ( it's a newer 64bit area 51 - core i7-5820k cpu @3.30ghz running Win 10), reset the monitor ( a view sonic HDMI vx 2453 series) ,Un and replugged the HDMI cables at both ends  reinstalled in safe mode, reinstalled with kaspersky off, and each time after the install the colors would go from fine to washed out within a few hours.  But today I noticed everything was fine until I turned on Diablo 3. I was able to duplicate this 2x.  What's up with that?