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    Planning an upgrade to R9 380X


      Hello,I wanted to buy R9 380X to have more FPS on my game Space Engineers currently i have there like 19 FPS on low settings, but I am not sure if my AMD FX 4100 can handle it

      I have heard that my AMD proccessor is slow and cannot handle GTX 1060

      Can my AMD FX 4100 Handle R9 380X or bought new ?

      Here are FX 4100 s specifications

      - its quad core

      - it can clock to 3,60 - 3,70 Ghz

      - it has like 49 Celsius when Idle


      - When running a game over 60 celsius i think

      -Cooler is stock AMD

      Thank you for your time of reading this

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          AMD FX 4100 is enough to have 30-40 fps in any game.Such questions like will handle or not are not correct.

          Even Titan X will works with your CPU but not for full capacity.You can upgrade your CPU later.

          You will have noticeable performance boost from your new video card anyway. But you need to do something with your CPU cooling system.

          49 Celsius when Idle-it is not good.

          • Re: Planning an upgrade to R9 380X

            Thank you but i decided that ill upgrade to FX 8300

            and graphics to something another.

            49 celsius is on graphics too. Why because i have case that filters heat bad

            But maybe ill try to replace the thermal paste

            I am very sorry that i am answering very late

            Ty again and good luck