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RX 460 no video signal when rebooting

Question asked by ailtonlima on Dec 28, 2016

I'm having a problem with my Powercolor RX 460 4GB. When you first turn on the computer, the video card operates normally. When you try to restart the computer or turn the computer off and on again, the computer starts, beeps, but does not transmit video signal. I checked the video card on several motherboards, memories, processors, power supplies and the same problem always occurs. Looking in forums, I saw that other people are having the same problem with various models of the RX460 (powercolor, xfx, asus, Saphire, 4Gb, 2GB) but no one posted a solution. It's hard to believe that all these boards are faulty. Would anyone have an idea of what it might be, or how to solve it? They spoke of drive, but the problem occurs even before the S.O is started.