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    Radeon Settings : Scaling gone


      GPU : RX 480

      Desktop System

      OS : Windows 10 64-bit

      Driver : 16.12.1

      DD : AcerXF240H, Displayport

      Motherboard : Z97X-Gaming 5

      CPU : i5-4690K

      Power Supply : 550 Watt Corsair RM Series Modular 80+ Gold

      RAM : 16gb


      I have some performence issues with my RX 480, so I decided to uninstall all drivers with DDU and then install the latest one. After reinstalling the drivers, there is not a single tab in the Advanced Settings. Only the "Eyefinity" one and "My Digital Flat-Panels". Driver is 16.12.1. I reinstalled the drivers twice with DDU and the problem isn't gone. As seen in the normal Radeon Settings, it does detect the RX 480 as my main GPU.