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    I can't install Catalyst driver


      Graphics card     AMD Radeon HD 6850

      Desktop               HP hpe h8-1039

      Operating system Windows 10 Anniversary 64 bit

      Driver installed     Device manager shows no driver installed, however under drivers tab it shows driver version 21.19.384.0

      Display               Acer S230HL

      Motherboard      H-RS880ATX (Aloe)

      CPU                    AMD Phenom II X6

      Power supply     Mfg. unknown, 460 watts

      RAM                    8 GB


      It's a long story and I'll skip it for now but what I'm facing is I had to do a clean install of Windows 10 in early Nov.  Around the 10th of Dec. my display went white and the computer restarted.  I had to partition and reformat the hard drive and perform another clean install of Windows.  Since then I've had vertical lines about 3/4 inch wide and about an inch apart on my display.  I checked device manager and it showed the graphics card but said no driver was installed.  I downloaded Catalyst 15.7.1 and tried to install it.  It got part of the way and then the display went black and the computer restarted, this time showing vertical pinstripes as it tried to boot into Windows. I've uninstalled the device, restarted in safe mode run Guru 3D to clean all traces of the driver but still can't install Catalyst. Once I got a message saying detection driver couldn't load, once it appeared to install but the log showed two errors.  I'm at my wits end.