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    Problem update drivers




      I have a problem with the drivers. I have to update the drivers (I have AMD Radeon R7 370 16.15 and I need 16.30, because it might solve another problem with the game Fifa 17 and the xbox one controller). (If it's (maybe) important: sometimes when I play a match, the controller doesn't react. But it should work, because it vibrates. Sometimes it does work. But sometimes I'll lose the game ofcourse, because I can't 'move' my players. It doesn't react when I press a button.) Addition: when I start Fifa 17 there's a message 'version 16.30 is recommended'.

      But the display drivers and others aren't installed, I don't know why, but it can't be found.

      (beeldscherm means display)

      (Dutch language)


      Pakketten voor installatie

      AMD installatiebeheer

      Eindstatus:Geslaagd = succesful
      Versie van item:
      Grootte:20 Mbytes


      Versie van item:
      Grootte:1 Mbytes


      Eindstatus:Mislukt = failed
      Versie van item:21.19.384.0
      Grootte:90 Mbytes

      AMD-wizard Probleem rapporteren

      Versie van item:
      Grootte:20 Mbytes

      AMD Radeon Settings

      Versie van item:2016.1204.1136.20853
      Grootte:150 Mbytes
      Foutmeldingen = errors
      Installatie stuurprogramma: het stuurprogrammapakket is niet vooraf geïnstalleerd omdat bestanden waarnaar in het INF-bestand werd verwezen, niet werden gevonden


      And when I try to do 'another update', there's another error: there is no disk in the ... 'station(?)' sorry bad English