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    New drivers crash my games



      I have some troubles with the drivers to AMD Radeon - Shapphire Nitro RX480 4GB. I used to have an old AMD graphic-card, the AMD XFX R7800 Series. I did not have any problems with this card. The drivers were not a problem. One day, I bought the RX480, installed the card with the drivers. I experienced a drop in performance, it was lagging, like I had an 1 second delay. I uninstalled the drivers to RX480, and tried to run the drivers for R7800. That did work, so I just kept the graphic-card running with the R7800s drivers. Also, when I pressed "Install new driver and delete the old ones", the old ones were still on the PC.

      I downloaded the new drivers for the RX480 one week ago, and did not experience any delay. I started to play some games, and after 30 min of gaming, the game would crash, and a message would pop up, "drivers/graphic has crashed due to an unexpected error" or something like that. Tried to run the game again, after 5 min the game would crash with the same message.

      Now I am stuck with a RX480 with lack of performance. Did never think this would happen with your newest cards.

      I run RX480 on a good motherboard, enough power, enough cooling, 8GB of DDR3 ram. My prossesor does not run on max power. Windows 10 running. (RX480 no costume overclock, no high temp.)


      I have no idea what to do, please help?