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R9 FURY Random Black Screen

Question asked by gwenwolf on Dec 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2017 by gwenwolf

This black screen happens randomly while playing any game. Most recent was Batman A.K. was playing smoothly before it started to severely stutter and then proceed to crash into the black screen. My PC stays on but my graphics card is off ( i know this because the screen blinks no signal). Every thing in my set up has played correctly with crossfire 7950's and also my last card the GTX 780. While i had these two setups i never once had a crash of my graphics card. My system specs are as follow

990FXA-UD5 -Gigabyte Motherboard

AMD FX-8350  with a slight OC to 4.37 Ghz

x2-7200rpm Hard Drives

x1- CD/DVD Rom Drive

x4- Modules of G-Skillz 2000Mhz @ 11-11-11-31

CoolMax-900Watt Bronze Certified Plus 80 power Supply

Sapphire R9 FURY 4GB HBM Tri X

My case is a HAF912 with all the fans installed so i should be ok as far as cooling (All fans are working properly). The  recommended spec of power is 750 Watts for the Sapphire R9 FURY.

I did the switch back to the GTX 780 and it worked fine... so im at a lost as to the cause of the black screen...? Any help would be most appreciated and thank you in advance of any response..