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    Drivers Crimson ReLive crashed Lenovo G510 during installation.



      I need your help to solve my problem with AMD GPU.

      At the beginning sorry for my poor english.


      Everything started at Christmas Eve. I wanted to upgrade my graphic drivers from 16.11.5 version to AMD Crimson ReLive. (first to 16.12.1 version) . During the installation ("Installing AMD Display Driver") the whole operation has stopped. Screen froze and I wasn't able do anything. I left laptop for a few hours, but after that, anything changed. I did a hard reset, and it "bricked" my laptop. Whenever I turned it on it was freezing during loading Windows. (These spining dots at the beginning in W10) The only option to turn it on was change in BIOS graphic mode, from switchable to UMA. Then Windows was loaded correctly, and I could uninstall AMD Drivers with DDU. After that I was able to change graphic mode to switchable, and could try to install drivers again. Unfortunately all drivers version caused the same problem. I tried to install 16.12.2 version, then 16.11.5, 16.11.4, AMD Catalyst Control (15.7 version). The only one, which I could install without any problems, was drivers from manufacturer site. It is 15.2 version from 2015 but it doesn't work correctly. I restored my system, twice install a clean system, and nothing changed. I was following all advices from this topic, but it didn't help.Fixes for common AMD graphics driver problems

      My computer: Lenovo G510 Windows 10 64 bit.

      AMD GPU: Radeon HD 8750M


      - all drivers installed

      - all windows update package installed

      - NetFramework and Visual 2012-2015 installed

      - I have Admin rights.


      I have no idea what to do, and I hope you will help me to solve it.


      Thanks for any advice.