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RX 480 Low FPS in Archeage (but not other games)

Question asked by pinky on Dec 27, 2016

Hey, hoping someone can help me out here. I'm currently struggling to get above 25 FPS on a game called Archeage, but I have zero problems with any other games I've tried playing using the RX 480. I know the GPU is working fine because I can max out Just Cause 3 without any noticeable frame rate issues, so I'm not really sure what I'm missing. One very strange thing I've noticed is while playing with in game graphics settings, anything I change seems to have a very minor impact on my FPS, such as going from all lowest settings to all maxed settings. One other piece of information is that I play the game through steam, so when I launch the application it actually starts their client launcher and then I boot the game from it.


It just seems like the game isn't utilizing the GPU or something, because the game runs better when I play it from my Surface Book (with dedicated GPU). Please see the attachments for system specs and a picture of Wattman trending while I was playing Archeage.


Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.