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Switchable Graphics HD7670M doesnt work

Question asked by obilaner on Dec 27, 2016


Ive got an HP G6-2209sg Notebook with switchable Graphics (HD4000&HD7670m) and its not possible to deactivate the integrated HD4000 or to switch to the Radeon Card permanently. Its only possible to assign Apps to "High Power" Mode (HD7670m) or Energy Saving (Hd4000) in Catalyst Control Center. Sadly that wont work. No Game ive tested used the Radeon HD Graphics Cart to now, no matter what i assigned. Ive never seen the Radeon Graphics Card to be used since ive bought that laptop.

My Configuration:

Latest ATI Driver from the HP Website, 2012 i think, which has the Intel HD4000 Driver integrated


When i try to use some other Driver, like leshcat Driver Windows boots into a blackscreen, with Windows logon Sound