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My stock gpu ran wot without issues on low settings , I installed ati Radeon hd 7670 4gb ddr5 128 bit , plays videos ok but crashes on wot load screen ,fx6120 cpu,10gb ram ,1 tb hd,430watts

Question asked by oldgummy on Dec 26, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2016 by goodplay

Hi I just upgraded my pc to ati Radeon hd 7670 4 gb ddr5 , my specs are 10 gb ram ,1 tb hard drive , fx6120 six core CPU ,420 watt power, I reformatted my pc twice ,clean install for crimson relive twice, clean install for world of tanks several times , ran all programs in administrative mode , with my stock gpu it ran wot with no problems on low settings , with a clean install on software with new gpu installed the program will start to open and then I will a white screen and then it will immediately close , I believe it's a software issue, if anyone has any ideas of where to start looking or solutions that would help I would be grateful , thank you.