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Flashing black screen with new 1440p monitor while gaming, rx 480

Question asked by fnizzzzzz on Dec 26, 2016

I recently got a Pixio px277 monitor, and when trying to run games with the frequency set on windows 10 to 120Hz or 140Hz (with or without freesync enabled), I get flashing of the screen (goes black for seconds, comes back, continues like this, audio and everything still working and game still running, just a display issue it seems). The temps are normal on GPU (XFX RX 480 8GB, dual fan back plate version) and CPU (i5 4690k) During this. I can however get games to run when set at 60Hz, even with high settings and normal temps (freesync enabled, or not). Although Rise of the Tomb Raider (the game I messed with most) in 60Hz still won't run full screen, it has to be 60Hz and windowed (can stretch the the window to near full screen, but has to be windowed). Ive searched forums and can't find a solution, even the solutions I've come across didn't work for me (screen scaling setting set to full panel was one, didn't help me with the game mentioned). Is this an issue with the card not being able to handle a game? It seems weird because the temps seem fine and it seems to run the game fine when I can get it working. Any help is appreciated, this is getting to me now. Drivers are updated btw, and PSU is 750W. Thanks. Also, using the DP cable provided with monitor, no adapters or anything.