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    Radeon Pro 400 drivers for windows


      Is there in plans to give RADEON PRO 400 series, that equip the new generation of MacBook Pro's (late 2016), Enterprise (Pro) drivers on Windows?

      I ask this because this graphic cards were presented has the mobile version of the Radeon Pro WX. That's to say that the radeon pro 400 series (Polaris) is the mobile version of the former FirePro, os something like a quadro 1000m ou 2000m.


      This enterprise support is available on the macOS. for example; Cinema 4D already takes advantage of it on macOS, but the windows counter part does not. CATIA, Solidworks, Siemens NX, etc, all benefit of the RADEON Pro WX on Windows, but the mobile version of the GPU (400 series) works on windows like a simple game card. And that's unacceptable.

      AMD say that's apple fault, Apple say that's AMD and microsoft fault.  For me when it takes do drivers does responsible are the hardware makers, in other words AMD.

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          Apple's closed ecosystem means that no drivers for Apple products can be released without Apples express approval and consent.

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              Yes, that's ok. But IF AMD delivers a driver for apple to test, with the necessary libraries to run CAD applications that need openGL support (enterprise) drivers, I'me almost sure that apple will

              accept them.

              This will be without any doubt  a powerfull feature for apple line of MacBook Pro, and a major move on AMD, side giving to a large public Enterprise features only available on mobile workstation, with almost all of then with quadro  1000 and 2000m gpu's