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380x blank/blue/green/red screen of death (driver issue)

Question asked by cyberstratum on Dec 26, 2016

i have been having these issues almost the very beginning of buying this card 6 months or more ago, i have searched for nearly every sort of solution but nothing has worked.


i have tried overclocking both the core and mem then i get blank/blue/green/red screen of death whilst playing different sorts of games

but if i only overclock the core only (leaving the mem at default) i can play the games, or if i overclock the mem (leaving the core at deafault) i can play the games

so why am i not able to overclock both the core and the mem? together, when i do i get crashes in game


i suspect it could be a driver issue but not entirely sure, or it might even need a firmware bios update, but i don't know where to get an update from


i'd like some solutions on how to fix this and i would also like to know when will amd roll out a perfectly fixed driver that has fixed these issues on the 380x graphics card


in the near future i may consider building an nvidia system instead, because the lack of support for the amd cards are very slow


system specification:

seasonic 650w

sapphire nitro 380x