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reddish screen on my pc

Question asked by gimi76 on Dec 26, 2016

My pc screen have a reddish overlay color tone the last week! I can corect that from the personalize/color calibration.

In the last step with the grey scale I have to turn completly off the red bar to give me a neutral grey scale color! After that the screen look ok! The problem is that still redish every time I turn on, my pc in bios screen and in log in screen, and only after logining the display is turned in right color! I have  "AMD Radeon HD 6570" grafic card and when I open the catalyst center, my screen turned automaticaly in reddish again and I have to calibrize again!

I change my connecting cable, reset my screen settings, change my display with another one, unistall and reinstall the grafic card drivers but in all those cases the problem still same! So I am sure that the problem is not in my display or in connecting cable.

Can anyone help me how to find where is the problem? I suspect my grafic card is broken, but I am not sure for that and need to know where is the problem to be sure what will need to do ....