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    ReLive suggestions




      I start this thread so people can bring up suggestions or ideas that may improve the user experience.

      I've used Plays.tv for quite a while now and I would like to use ReLive but there are things that miss in my opinion, that could make this software perfect.


      The first problem I've encoutered is that having a two-monitors setup can cause trouble. For example, if you switch from your game to another window by alt+tabbing, the recording stops, and everything is deleted, which means that if you go back to your game, first you have to alt+tab in once again, otherwise clicking won't start the recording, and second, if you instant replay just when you alt+tab to your game, only one or two seconds will be recorded. It would be nice also if we could enable a feature that allows us to "lock" the recording to a specified window (such as a game) so we can navigate through other windows whilst recording, if possible.


      The second thing I thought about is the removal of the little logo in the upper left corner in the record, it's useful to know if you're recording, but the video file registered also has it.


      The third and last thing I came up with is the ability to edit the replay, like there is in plays.tv


      Thank you for your time, and sorry for my bad English .

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                    I myself would like to see some third party integration for the streaming side of ReLive. StreamLabs offers u the option to display recent followers, donations and subscribers using a link. This is really important to larger and smaller streamers and should be implemented asap. I would also like the option to control my system sounds and microphone volume separately as this also causes problems as I have to switch it externally and means that I am less likely to hear things in my game as I have to reduce my volume for the stream.


          Many thanks for your time.

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            I'd love for you to add an option to make adjustments to the volume of the mic, for example when I do a record and watch the playback, my mic volume is far to loud and I haven't been able to find any options to change this.

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              Quickly going through Radeon ReLive while having trouble with OBS made me realize the insane potential of this product. It's so easy to use and the performance drop is near non-existent, which is crazy for a quality stream software. However, the integration of StreamLabs or a similar service is necessary for me to make the switch. Using a notification system like StreamLabs makes your stream much more interactive and gives viewers a sense of pride. Also, I strongly dislike being able to see your webcam on-screen while streaming. It's nice to monitor your setting, but it can be distracting and a visual block in games. Other than that, love Radeon ReLive and planning on making the switch contingent on these changes!

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                I would like to have more control over Chill. This would be nice feature to have when Ryzen mobile laptops arrive.

                Now your fps drops a bit too fast in some cases when u dont press keys or move mouse


                3 phases for example with control how long you have to idle to drop to next phase.

                Those sliders is nice. Just add one dot more and more sliders for time if default times are not used.

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                  We need a setting for what monitor to capture. It's really annoying with multiple monitors to try to capture the right one. I always have to pull off some weird alt tab BS that doesn't work all the time just to get it to capture my game.

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                    Two things.


                    More stream options (option to use stream key to be specific). I have my own stream but sometimes I join with alternate camera on other streams and with ReLive I didn't find any options to put in the stream key. Only option I saw was to connect to my Youtube account.


                    More Push to Talk keybind options. Adding that one was great but I would love at least one more. Playing Arma 3 with mods and using Push to Talk when recording/streaming requires at least 2 push to talk key binds.

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                      Instant replay could benefit from multiple hotkeys each for a different length of recording.

                      Also (with record desktop off) it shouldn't stop recording when Alt+Tabbing and instead just pause the recording until coming back imo, or add a new mode except on/off.