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stretched video leads to pixelation

Question asked by marc420 on Dec 25, 2016

When I'm playing a video, I get a lot of pixelation whenever the screen is stretched beyond its normal (100%) size.  If I play the video at 100%, all is well.  When I attempt to stretch it to make it larger or fill my entire screen, it becomes unwatchable with pixelation.  I'm running a AMD A10-7700K APU chip and an R7 350 graphics card wtih Dual Graphics turned on.  Don't know if its relevent, but running the System Monitor tool and its always showing the R7 card running below full capacity and its never using the graphic cores on the APU, so it doesn't seem like I'm asking for too much.  Curious if anyone knows a Radeon Setting to change to fix this, or some other fix.  THANK YOU!!!