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    Please Help w\Dual Monitor Setup


      So I just got another monitor today and want to have them both working at the same time normally.... I have a AMD graphics card and literally everywhere I look they say go to the Catalyst Control Center, I downloaded it I'm pretty sure and have either a different look or I'm clearly missing something important here. This is the guide from there website that I get http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/737-27130CannotenableTV-OutinCatalystControlCenter.aspx the guide is very easy to follow and do but I don't have the samething mine is http://imgur.com/a/ghxjw , yeah I'm a moron lol, but I mean what am I doing wrong I just need some help plus I tried to just detect another monitor to see if that worked but it did't probably because I can't use my GPU for another monitor since it only has one hdmi port, that's the other thing. I have to plug in my hdmi into my motherboard. Someone please just tell me how to either get that program they have on there site or how to do it from the program from the imgur, or just a youtube video link on these questions. Thanks to anyone who helps me out and merry xmas.