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Games not Detecting my GPU?!  [SOLVED]

Question asked by emw98 on Dec 25, 2016


Local PC shop informed me that a power surge disabled my GPU and it had to be re-enabled in the bios. They also disabled the onboard graphics adapter.

Hello there. I've just come across an issue that has worried me deeply. Essentially, my device manager shows that my Radeon R9 200 series is working properly, however it doesn't seem to be working in-game. Launching TESV: Skyrim through the launcher and navigating to the settings in which I choose my graphics adapter has shown me that the only graphics adapter that seems to be active is my Intel HD Graphics, which I assume came along with my Intel i5. I'm experiencing poor framerate in game, and have multiple seperate games crash for no apparent reason when I try and alter the graphical settings. I have tried updating my drivers and succesfully installed the latest version of Radeon Software Crimson for my pc, as well as all drivers required for my gpu. My PC restarted after that, and I had hope that it may solve the issue, however I am still unable to locate my GPU in the Skyrim launcher. Also, when trying to run AMD Radeon Settings by right clicking on my desktop, I get a popup notification that says "Radeon settings are currently not available. Please try again after connecting a display to AMD graphics and extending the display." Please keep in mind that I am short in knowledge on my technological terms and will need some very dumbed-down explanations. Thanks for your time, and merry Christmas!


UPDATE: Ran benchmark tests on my entire system, the Radeon gpu wasn't even detected. It used the Intel HD Graphics Adapter in the benchmark tests, just as my games use. It is also worth noting that the night prior to the collapse of my gpu there may have been a power surge. My clock beeped and reset itself on December 25th around 1:20am PST. There were no other obvious indicators that a power surge had hit my house, as the lights in my room were off and the only reason I noticed the potential surge was my clock beeping. Equally important to mention is that I have no anti-virus. I won't rule anything out as of yet, even despite the fact that I am relatively safe and don't download anything unless I feel 100% comfortable with it, so it could be a virus, a dead gpu, or anything else. I'm taking it into my local tech shop where they will be able to test my gpu and tell whether or not it's even alive. I'll update once that happens.


Updated System Specs



AMD Radeon R9 200 Series


Desktop System


Windows 8.1


Crimson ReLive Edition 16.12.2


Multiple monitors have been cycled due to unforeseen circumstances; currently using a friends monitor, whom has no clue the make and model. All I know is that is is a Samsung monitor with a resolution of 1680x1050, 60hz plugged directlty via SVGA VGA cable


Gigabyte GA-B85M-DS3H


Intel Core i5 4460


As I purchased this pc used, I regrettably cannot say the make/model of the PSU at this time. I will work towards providing said details.


Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600 c9 4x4GB



I apologize for my inability to provide precise details. I would humbly ask that anyone try and give a diagnosis with the information given, although I understand if I am missing vital information and therefore preventing a diagnosis. I will work towards retrieving the missing information with haste. Thank you for your time!


I was unable to post my specs due to an apparent lack of authorization when attempting to reply to @Kingfish , so I simply put them here. Apologies for the inconvenience.