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    Any settings examples to share?


      does anybody have any settings that work for amd Radeon rx480 8gb I don't know how to overclock to improve performance

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          If you don't know  " How " to overclock then I suggest not to.


          Educate yourself first on the process, knowledge is power. Following someone else's settings is paramount to revolver roulette. Why? Everyone system is built differently. Forget all the graphics boosting via OC utilities, Sweet FX apps and all that jazz.


          Learn About the Process your asking about then when you feel you comfortable with what you have learned then slowly tweak stuff, keep a record of settings and what works, and keep in mind the more you Stress something the shorter the lifespan.


          Cheers, Ambrose

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            A couple of links in Tip to improve RX 480 performance: UNDERVOLT IT! , to get you started.

            Keep in mind that not all cards behave the same (what works for one, does not work for all).

            Find overclockers websites (the good ones have dedicated threads), for useful more up to date info, tips, etc...