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    Random BSOD'S RX 470 Windows 7 x64


      My system specs:



      WINDOWS 7 X64

      CRIMSON RELIVE 16.12.2


      MOTHERBOARD IS MSI B85M-E45, I BELIVE, NOT SURE THO. (i had to update bios in order to use my rx 470 and it screwed motherboard id in aida64)

      CPU INTEL I5-2500K (stock clocks)


      12 GIGS OF RAM (8+4)


      My issue:

      I did not find an accurate way to reproduce my issue. It happens randomly in gaming, almost in any game, lately happened for me in such games as dead rising 3, dragons dogma darkness arisen.

      So the issue is, when im playing something, i get an absolutely random black screen (no signal detected), sound freeze. I figured thats an BSOD, so i'll attach some minidumps to my post. I did check temps of my card, cpu, did check ram for issues and these are fine, so i think its latest amd drivers to blame (this weren't happening on some early 15.x.x drivers, when i just bought card, i belive). This issue is not related to overclocking, cos this happened on stock clocks.

      I feel, that issue might be caused by card being idle for some time after boot and then i pop into game it crashes. Btw, windows 7 power settings set on high perfomance, i always keep my system up-to-date, all dot net packages installed.

      I also tried reinstalling my amd drivers using DDU.

      BSOD'S Bug check code is always the same 0x00000117, and usually its atikmpag.sys crashing with something. You can check out my minidumps files in a zip file attached to the post.

      Thanks in advance.

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          I just want to bump this thread and also report my newest bsod dump that just happened.

          So, i was watching some youtube vid and launched payday 2 (just main menu) and had almost instant black screen, no signal detected etc. but youtube vid kept going, i could hear it, so i assume thats just amd driver crashed caused this "semi-bsod". Non-overclocked card. Help me please.

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            I found cause of these BSOD'S and i want to apologize for breaking faith for a moment in glorious AMD products.

            I did more RAM testing using MemTest v7.02 and found out that my 8gig corsair memory plank has one bad sector, and im pretty sure it is what causing BSOD'S, as i pulled it out and ran some benchmarks, games etc. and had no issues. Please, dont think im an complete idiot and nvidia shill, i ran some RAM tests previously and no errors were found. So, im sorry for inconvenience.


            I blame corsair, never corsair again, what a bunch of shills.

            Case closed.