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    a10 7890k high voltage after overclock but low temperatures , is this good ?



      i have overclock the 7890k to 4.6 Ghz also the igpu to 1114 Ghz but the voltage its at 1.57500v the asus motherboard a88xm-plus .the temperatures are under 60 using a cooler master vortex plus . the system is stable , ran pirme 95 for 6 hours . 
      also the northbridge its at 1.29v at 2000  mhz
      ram its a 2133 Mhz 11-11-11-27 at 1.7v (weird i get better performace with lower clocks and lower requencies)


      the motherboard bios parameters says the cpu voltage min and max its from 1.5 to 1.7 
      i only added 0.075 to it . but every where i read online they say not go over 1.54v here is my question . in the bios by default its a 1.5v . i know that cuz i reset the cmos twice


        my question its , which one is the high voltage??? . its 1.57v safe??? .

      would i day the cpu will get fry or the motherboard .