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Desktop A8 APU and RX 480 - probleme to set main card for apps

Question asked by jpabraham on Dec 24, 2016

Hi folks !

[humor pre-lude : I DO searched before on google and tried many things | now I'm cool'n quiet but I beware : If I don't get satisfaction in next 10 nanoseconds, I'll kill a kitten ! XD ]




I'm using a none common stuff :

Desktop PC with

win7 ultimate 8Go ram

an a8-7650K

AND a RX 480 sapphire


it's not a very common setup, but it's getting tricky here : I use 4 displays, including 4K and Hd on the RX 480 and 2 HD on motherboard (1 DVI + 1 VGA)




It worked like a charm but I problems start when I tried to use a video edditing software (hitfilm 4 to mention it) -> I had average perfs and, looking to RX 480 using in wattman, I discovered the software were using the R7 in the APU (no move on RX 480 monitored charts when editing and playing).


Then I tried to deactivate APU's R7 GPU in bios, it was a fiasco (no boot) and I feared to have bricked the mobo.


For now, I i'm forced to unplug all mobo's video port to force RX 480 use. But I need my 4 displays !


And here, it's a drama : now my steam games, previously launched on my 4K display and using the RX 480 tending to prefere and HD display on mobo and not using the RX 480 at all.


The 4K display was set as primary in win7.


I found laptop switching utility (in radeon old catalyst - tab "power") that allow to set for each app the GPU to use. but I don't have it here (probably because it's design to switch between intel/AMD, not to set AMD/AMD card)




Is it possible to set easily  wich GPU that my programs/game have to use ?

Is it any way to force "power tap" apperence to set GPU affinity for programs ?