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R9 380 stuck at 640x480 in several old games

Question asked by blastard64 on Dec 24, 2016

Hello all,


I've been buying a lot of games from gog recently and noticed that all old windows games (both direct3d and directdraw) are stuck at 640x480 - if there's a resolution selector, there's only one res available; if there's no res selector and the default res is higher than 640x480, the game would just crash. Games affected, off the top of my head: Morrowind, No One lives forever 2, Fallout 2 and Icewind Dale 2. Now, in very few cases this can be remedied using the dgVoodoo direct3d wrapper, but it can be pretty buggy on its own. I'd like to know if this limitation is a fundamental one, or if it's possible to fix the registry somehow to add higher resolution support.