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    Relive Doesn't Do anything


      -Graphics Cards:  2x R9 Fury Sapphire Nitro in CrossfireX


      -Windows 10 64-bit Home Premium

      -Driver:  Crimson 16.12.2

      -Display Setup:  3x 1080p Samsung CFG70 Quantum Dot 144hz Displays in Eyefinity (3240x1904 resolution).  All connections are done via DP 1.2 ports, FreeSync is enabled on all 3 panels (all 3 have identical settings)

      Motherboard:  EVGA X99 Classified Edition

      CPU: i7 5930k

      PSU: EVGA SuperNova 1300w Gold Certified, fully modular

      RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4






      AMD Relive is unusable.  None of the hotkeys do anything.  You cannot rebind hotkeys (it lets you try but then it just automatically sets them back to default).  You cannot record games nor the desktop.   Absolutely none of the options in Relive work/do anything at all.  I have reinstalled my drivers 3 times using DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller), and I've disabled Virtualization in my BIOS.



      Is Eyefinity not supported with Relive?  Is CrossfireX not supported?  Please advise.

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          So, it appears that Relive doesn't work at all with Eyefinity.  With that disabled, some of the Relive functions begin to work, but it still doesn't record anything.  The hotkeys "sort of" work with a single monitor.  You can change keybinds, and you can start recording but you have to be tabbed out of the game first (tried multiple games; you CANNOT start recording while the game window is up).  After tabbing back into the game, you'll see the little icon in the upper left corner that indicates you're recording, and for how long you've been recording.  You can finish recording by hitting your hotkey combo again, but the output file is always blank.  The file has no video or audio; it's just "blackness".


          So, to recap, Relive does not work with Eyefinity at all, and with single panels, you can't actually record anything.


          Any plans of fixing this AMD?  An acknowledgement that it's being looked at..?

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            You can rebind the hot keys but it has to use at least one of the shift/control/alt keys.

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              With me the same thing. The video that I could record with the relive was very bad, catching. But the serious problem I see with this driver is the second gpu fan not working right. It hangs at some speed and it stays there, even as the temperature rises. And even with MSI afterburner I can make a fan curve that solves this problem. I had to go back to the 16.11.5 driver, because 16.12.2 is impossible to use with crossfire.

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                So, I don't know what the deal is exactly, but I disconnected my 3x 1080p panels and hooked up a single LG 4k 27" IPS panel I have (usually use it for work, used to game on it before Quantum Dot came out).


                With just the single panel hooked up, I was able to record Witcher 3 in 4k (though the recording only came out at 26 FPS even though I was getting around 60 in the game itself).  I think I recall reading that Relive only supports 4k up to 30hz right now, so that's consistent more or less with the official support.  So, we've eliminated Crossfire as being the issue.. it's possible that you can't record on a monitor with 144hz refresh rate.  Kind of eliminates the point in having nice gaming monitors.. but anyway, that's where I'm at with it so far.  I'm going to try recording at some other resolutions @ 60hz and see if it works.