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Display Driver Installation Failure for AMD Crimson ReLive 16.12.2

Question asked by zydration on Dec 23, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2016 by zydration

Hi everyone, first off let me preface this topic with the fact that I'm not incredibly tech savvy. I've done a fair amount of Googling around this issue but I would like clarification for my particular circumstances. I have a laptop.

HP Pavilion 17 Notebook PC, Windows 8.1 64-bit

AMD A8-6410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics


No current driver installed? Going to control panel, looking at devices, my laptop shows with a little error icon, then hovering over it says "Status: Driver is unavailable, driver error."

Not 100% sure how to obtain other necessary information. If needed, tips to get there would be helpful.


A couple nights ago I attempted to install Crimson ReLive 16.12.2, as the autodetect utility recommended, but in the end, there was an error telling me it only partially installed (I have actually had this issue before ReLive was introduced, using the old autodetect utility would always tell me there was a driver update, but when it finished, would say the driver didn't install...). Checking the log showed that everything went smoothly except the Display Driver failed. There were no other notes, and I remember my screen did not blink during installation. Today I've uninstalled and reinstalled, after ensuring that all Windows Updates were performed (there were optional ones uninstalled), but still, the Display Driver failed. At this point I have nothing installed, and I used the AMD Cleanup Utility to remove traces of other drivers. I saw another thread posted here saying Crimson ReLive 16.12.2 isn't meant for laptops but if I hadn't checked here I wouldn't have had a clue otherwise, and if this is the case, what driver is recommended for me?

I do play games online, my most particular concern is Overwatch. I have my laptop set to maximum performance and whatnot just to run the game on all low settings. Last night with this wonky Crimson ReLive 16.12.2 driver, I recall the game lagging out severely in audio and graphics, so I just called it quits for the night. I'm unsure if this is relevant, but I received a blue screen error with "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" at some point yesterday as well. I've also been struggling with Internet problems, although we have a plan for ~3mbps download speed (I know it's slow—not my decision) the average is 1.25mbps, and I mention this because I attempted to begin installing AMD Crimson ReLive 16.12.1 (409MB) and in a couple hours it had barely made it to 90MB complete, then as I was listening to Spotify, my audio began to lag and malfunction, however the laptop didn't shut off, but I was greeted with my Internet dropping and telling me no networks can be found, despite the fact my Internet is completely fine (works on my iPhone, and the PC—restarting my laptop fixes this issue). So a brief end was put to that download at around 100MB and I'd hate to restart that pain if it's not what I need.

I've looked around for solutions and don't really want to mess around with booting into Safe Mode and doing things with the DDU if I don't have to. Any information in a dumbed-down fashion would be helpful—if no explanations for these problems can be given, I ultimately just need to know what AMD Radeon driver I should install to have my laptop updated successfully so that I may play Overwatch and not worry about the awful "your laptop is about to crash" noises.