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displayport link failure

Question asked by rathzil on Dec 23, 2016



I currently have three monitors connected to my Radeon R290.  Two are connected via DVI/HDMI, and one is connected via Displayport via an active adapter Diplayport/HDMI adapter.  This set-up has worked perfectly for just over two years.  This morning, my computer froze (cause unknown), and when I rebooted it, I got an error notification saying there is a link failure, and that there was an issue with the requested resolution/refresh rate.


I've been working at this for a couple hours and can't seem to fix it.


I'm running Windows 10.

I haven't made any hardware or software changes.

I've tried the usual unplugging/replugging/cable swapping/rebooting


Any suggestions?  I don't even know what the relevant issues to examine are for this sort of problem. 


Thanks in advance!