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    ReLive stops streaming sometimes


      Does anyone experience stopped streaming without notice via ReLive? I get it randomly, and I'm not sure that it's Twitch, AMD, or my end.

      I got this in 16.12.1 and now 16.12.2.

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          I might have solved my problem here; I waited a long time and went through several drivers to be sure.


          Disable power saving on your monitor if you have this issue.


          When I streamed Overwatch with power saving, the monitor turned off, and the stream would, too. However, when I streamed Paladins or Smite, the monitor never turned off, and I do not recall having Paladins or Smite stop streaming, so I disabled monitor power saving, and, then, Overwatch never stopped streaming...


          This could have been resolved by updating drivers, but I saw no mention in any.