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Monitor sometimes shows a line of stuck blue pixels in the middle

Question asked by h4x3r on Dec 23, 2016
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My monitor sometimes shows a line of stuck blue pixels in the middle of the screen.

It happened yesterday but only for 2 hours and i couldn't test it with another monitor at that time. Now it is not happening but i will still need to test it with another monitor.

As this isn't occurring 24/7, i think it may have something to do with the GPU's memory rather than the monitor itself (had something similar happen with my 970) but i am not sure. I haven't overclocked any part of my system.


What i have tried and know so far:

1) When plugging in the DP cable into other DP slots on the GPU it still occurs

2) When using DVI the problem does not appear

3) I think it appeared when i started playing some CS:GO

4) It ONLY shows in windows (not in BIOS or start-up phase)

5) It takes a day to go away (with the PC switched off) but i don't know what exactly makes it go away.



RX 480 8GB Sapphire NItro+


i7 6700k

Asrock Z170 Gamign Prof. i7


OS: Win 10 Home


Should i just go return the AOC and hope that solves it?


PS I have attached a picture of the blue line