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Complelty new to gaming new some basic advice on amd-a10-7850k

Question asked by silverpuma on Dec 24, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2016 by hardcoregames™

I'm considering an Amd A10-7850K in a mini itx budget build as a new PC entry level gamer to see if I like the whole gaming thing.  If I do like it and would like to then add a GPU which one would you recommend that would compliment the GPU in the CPU for improved performance and not fight each other. 


Or would you recommend a different APU and a GPU added later down the line if PC gaming is for me.


I'm learning all these new terms so forgive my stumbling question ;-)  Any advice is appreciated as I am overwhelmed with the choice!  Just thinking does this website have a page to point you in the right direction for compatibility issues and performance enhancing combinations that I'm trying to find out about?