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OpenGL API Interaction With FreeSync (wglContextCreate/SwapBuffers)

Question asked by aps2016 on Dec 23, 2016



There are several products that AMD currently offer in theire FirePro series (e.g. FirePro W600) (link: that have multiple displayport connectors that support FreeSync.


There are two questions I have regarding AMD's OpenGL API on Windows and its interaction with Freesync in the FirePro series of products. Specifically:


1) Is the operation of SwapBuffers() display-specific or card-specific? If a FirePro W600 has six monitors operating at six different refresh rates, does the OpenGL implementation of SwapBuffers() wait a different time for each monitor? Or, does SwapBuffers() wait the same amount of time for all monitors connected to a single card regardless of the individual monitor refresh rates?


2) Does wglCreateContext() bind my render context to the appropriate card/GPU connected to a display if I have more than one card in the machine (e.g., using the window position)? (Apparently, YES, according to this 2010 white paper: (page 4, chapter "Creating Contexts"). However, as this paper is six years old, I would like to confirm that this is how it works in the most recent drivers).


I would be grateful if anybody can assist with the above.


Many thanks in advance,