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Radeon 480 crashes in every game, noticable when you hear the fan steps up.

Question asked by jsilverstein21 on Dec 23, 2016

I had to post this , but I'm very upset at this point. I cant play competitive in overwatch, nor can I play in titanfall2  because of the instability in the asus rog strix radeon 480 8g OC version.  I'm even crashing in world of Warcraft which I never crashed before. In overwatch the game just terminate to windows desktop, or hangs or you get a red screen which is the worst one. Sometimes its crash and I ctrl+alt+del to get to the task manager where I  tab to see the error that it has caused in the graphics driver , close it causing overwatch to default to the error report so It don't think I left a game and not penalize me, close the overwatch client and rejoin.  In titanfall 2 the game stutters and I have to hide and wait till it pass or worst case it give me a blue screen of death. In world of Warcraft I get windows sysop error on a blue screen and game and pc restart. 

The most noticeable identifying mark of this event is when you listen and hear the gpu steps up and  the fan speed increases in rpm, that's when a crash occur.  Ive tried  under clocking my gpu -50 off the core clock and -160 off the memory clock, and increase fan speed to +50 constantly to keep it cool. When I put the fan speed on auto it goes to 39 percent so having it at 50 is way above what the default would put it, so it cant be a heat issue.  I'm so pissed, ive resort to cursing my pc, punching it and just hitting my table in frustration that I pay almost $300 for a piece of incompletey manufactured hardware and its from asus. I went all out to get this derelict card, I bought the radeon 470 initially from microcenter and didn't open the box and return it the next day after changing my check to get the more expensive 480 and now I'm upset.  I spend good money for this garbage.  Just for once I my life I try to go all out with top of the line hardware and now I'm not satisfied.  I search all over the internet for solutions and forums and found out that there is a huge power draw on the pcie interface and power supply.  I download the latest radeon drivers and went in the global settings for the compatibility mode option but in the recent iteration of the crimson relive 16.12.2 as of December 23, 2016 I don't see that compatibility option as they said in the 16.7.1 release.  I'm super fraustrated.  At first I was blaming Asus for designing incomplete crap as I trust the name asus that's why I went with it over the XFX, VISIONTEK, SAPHIRE AND POWERCOLOR and to a lesser degree MSI brand.  This card is garbage. But as I read more and more I now feel its isn't asus but AMD as they describe the problem as a radeon 480 problem.