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    AMD drivers partially load


      I need some help with a new to me build.

      Used AMD fx 6100 cpu.

      New Best Buy 520w psu.

      Used "not installed" Gigabite GA-970A-D3P am3+mother board.

      "new" NCIX "returned" ASUS Radeon RX-460 DUAL FAN OC Edition 1224-1244-MHz 2GB Video Card.

      New Ballistix Sport 16GB Kit (8GBx2) DDR3 1600 MT/s (PC3-12800) CL9 @1.5V

      Used 128Gb SSD

      The Passmark Performance Test9 showed 3d graphics performance of below 5fps. It seems like the discs that came with both the motherboard  and graphics card  aren't loading programs/drivers properly. I'm not too good on the software side of things as I'm self taught and there are some glaring lacks in my knowledge base, and I can't even tell what I don't know.....Anyway;


      So while installing win8.1 I made sure all buttons regarding updates and telemetry were turned off and have done no updates because I don't know how to tell which updates will force telemetry and future updates down my throat. I'll leave that for a different thread unless that directly affects this.

      After installing win8.1 I used the disc that came with the Gigabyte motherboard and installed all drivers and apps except google related. I then used the disc that came with the graphics card and installed all the drivers and apps except google related. The graphics driver doesn't completely install. There is also problems with some gigabyte apps. If someone could explain how to do a screenshot I'll do that.

      I've tried "repairing" the win8.1 install and redoing the two disc driver and app install. I've tried DDU and installing drivers directly from AMD site. Any input?




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          1.Reinstall your OS

          2.Install all possible updates for win8.1(via auto update)

          3.Don't touch your disks (just forget about them forever)

          4.If you have no exclamation or question marks in device manager (except video adapter)-then you don't need chipset drivers.Otherwise Chipset

          5.Install video driver 16.12.2

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              I appreciate your answer.

              I've been using win10 on my laptop for 6 months and I really, really, really dislike it. For a couple of weeks around the middle of the month the laptop is next to useless for ~45 minutes while windows does it's thing. Tinfoil Hat Rant; I want to try to keep my OS clear of the forced updates and continuous data-mining that win10 is and that win 7 and win 8.1 now also is if updated after Aug, 2015. If I new more about exactly which updates to avoid then I would do that. For now I'll wait to see if someone else has any different input.



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              I ended up doing most of what redfury suggested [thanks] , except doing all the windows updates.

              I formatted the hard drive, installed 8.1 making sure to turn off all telemetry and updates. I downloaded the chipset drivers from the gigabyte site. And finally downloaded the auto-update feature from AMD. There was two choices, a recommended up to date driver and a optional earlier driver. I chose the earlier. I now have a functioning computer and am playing Bioshock Infinite. I ran the bioshock infinite benchmark and got from a minimum of 28 fps to 100+ fps, much better than the earlier 2 - 3 fps I was getting.