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gigabyte rx480 8Go lost video signal after 5 mn on multi display

Question asked by brice72 on Dec 23, 2016

Dear all,


I just install the Gigabyte RX480 8go and I discover that if I use more than 1 display, after 5mn I lost the video signal and I need to stop my computer with the button.

If I use 1 screen i have no problem.

I try the last driver and following different post the 16.7.2 driver but the problem is the same. I unistall all video drivers before to re install the 16.7.2.

My setup is:

Gigabyte Z68p-DS3 (Rev1)


32Go 1600 MHz

Powersupply Cooler master 750W

Gigabyte RX480 8Go.


Thanks in advance for you help