Converting heat from a computer into energy.

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Hello, I am going to make this as short as I can.


So I am sure that most of you have seen that certain metal alloys could convert heat into energy, which is something that could be used in a computer to make it more energy efficient, and it would help save energy that could be used somewhere else. The idea is simple, take the heat put out from the CPU/GPU and send it through whatever is required to convert heat into energy and then reroute it back into the power source for a computer to be reused... and the energy put out could be used for an infinite amount of time as it would be recycled until it escapes the computer case and is then wasted. However this could save a user so much money on energy, potentially furthering us to an era of infinite power usage where we no longer have to worry about wasting energy as it would all be recycled... On top of all that, there is absolutely NO possible way that this could be opposed, it is an all around good... Now I am not sure what the end product would look like, and it could be ugly the first time around, but that is how we progress, ugly things must come first in life in order to bring about the more beautiful things in our world.


Now I am not sure what a product like this would cost to make, how it would work, let alone how it would be installed and used, but the way I see it, the current liquid coolers are wasting a potential source of heat by rapidly cooling the CPU/GPU, although I may be wrong in this situation, but none the less, all I see here is an opportunity waiting to be taken and used...


Any further input on  this subject is HIGHLY appreciated, and it could help further the development of such a product that we no longer need to worry about energy loss, and we could use the energy that we waste in other things such as our phones, tablets, coffee makers, refrigerators, ovens/stoves, microwaves, and many more devices that we take for granted each and every day and make them into devices that are far more efficient and proficient at what they do...