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Awful performance RX 480

Question asked by jcchg on Dec 23, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2016 by jcchg

Radeon RX 480 HIS IceQ X2 Roaring OC (1288 MHz). hs-480r8lcnr.

Intel Core i7-4790K 4 GHz (4.4 GHz)



I'm experiencing an awful performance. First day, I install the card. Remove older drivers with DDU. Download new Radeon Relive 16.12.2. Launch The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, 40, 30 FPS, with drops below 20 (ultra hw off). Insane. Don't know what's causing the trouble... Monitoring temps, everything fine: CPU ~50s ºC, GPU 65ºC, constant frequency (1288 MHz and 2000 MHz), but inestable GPU utilization (dropping from 100% as usual to 1-3%). It occurs since the very first moment.


Remove Radeon Relive with DDU, restart. Now I install 16.12.1. Same. Then 16.7.X which come in the CD provided by the manufacterer. The same performace in TW3, but GPU utilization is always 100%. Also temperatures are worse (70-75 ºC).


Frustrated, reinstalled Windows 10. Installed Relive 16.12.2. Same performance. Run 3DMark FireStrike: ~9K points.


It doesn't make sense! What's happening? I already had another RX 480 (XFX GTR 1288 MHz) that was fine in TW3 ultra/hw off (50-60 FPS), 3DMark FireStrike 11K points. Exactly the same rig. The problem of that was that memory was "bugged", monitoring, dropped usually from 2000 MHz to 300 MHz causing crashes.


Is this a factory falty core? It's really disgusting. I'm installing Windows 10 by the second time after writting this.