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    Awful performance RX 480


      Radeon RX 480 HIS IceQ X2 Roaring OC (1288 MHz). hs-480r8lcnr.

      Intel Core i7-4790K 4 GHz (4.4 GHz)

      8GB RAM DDR3


      I'm experiencing an awful performance. First day, I install the card. Remove older drivers with DDU. Download new Radeon Relive 16.12.2. Launch The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, 40, 30 FPS, with drops below 20 (ultra hw off). Insane. Don't know what's causing the trouble... Monitoring temps, everything fine: CPU ~50s ºC, GPU 65ºC, constant frequency (1288 MHz and 2000 MHz), but inestable GPU utilization (dropping from 100% as usual to 1-3%). It occurs since the very first moment.


      Remove Radeon Relive with DDU, restart. Now I install 16.12.1. Same. Then 16.7.X which come in the CD provided by the manufacterer. The same performace in TW3, but GPU utilization is always 100%. Also temperatures are worse (70-75 ºC).


      Frustrated, reinstalled Windows 10. Installed Relive 16.12.2. Same performance. Run 3DMark FireStrike: ~9K points.


      It doesn't make sense! What's happening? I already had another RX 480 (XFX GTR 1288 MHz) that was fine in TW3 ultra/hw off (50-60 FPS), 3DMark FireStrike 11K points. Exactly the same rig. The problem of that was that memory was "bugged", monitoring, dropped usually from 2000 MHz to 300 MHz causing crashes.


      Is this a factory falty core? It's really disgusting. I'm installing Windows 10 by the second time after writting this.