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PC problems after buying RX470

Question asked by quadrom2026 on Dec 22, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2016 by hardcoregames™


I bought new AMD RX470 MSI Gaming X 4GB and few days ago new power supply.

After buying the new power supply i started to have problems. I was watching

Youtube, checked Speedfan saw that my GPU temp is 55 C so i wanted to turn on

the MSI Gaming app to turn Zerofrozr off. When i clicked the app i had some lines

with pink and green color on my screen and then i got BSOD. Took the GPU out of

my PC and put it back in. Started PC, everything was fine. I saw that there is a new

driver on GPU. I downloaded the recommended version. PC needed a restart so i

restarted it and when i was signing into my PC, i had those lines again. I do not know

what to do so please help me. My specs:


AMD FX8350

AMD RX470 MSI Gaming X 4GB

Corsair RMx 750

older WD Green 500GB



Windows 10