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Radeon R9 290 Tri-X: Cooler drives me crazy

Question asked by rallym on Dec 22, 2016

Dear All,


almost since I bought the Radeon R9 290 Tri-X the cooler has not done what I want it to do. Without any specific reason it goes to full speed, often just for 1-2 seconds. Runs smoothly for another few seconds and goes full speed again. I already had MSI Afterburner installed and remember this issue of being minimized 1 year back, deinstalled it after it didnt work with a driver update from AMD anymore. Now, I have it running again and set the cooler curve as I want it but Radeon R9 still makes troubles. In general, when speed is set to 30%, it runs at 30% - at least the noise is ok. Nevertheless, it continues to interrupt with going high and low - the "RPM-Chart" shows it, the "Speed-Chart" just remains at 30%. I wonder if there are any parameters which cause these irregular peeks!?


Thanks for any experience you can share or any suggestions you have.