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ground texture flickering in War Thunder with RX480 and Crimson drivers

Question asked by rainbowprincess on Dec 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2017 by redfury

Hello there,


recently I bought myself a new Radeon RX480. Before I had a radeon 7870 ghz edition running on the catalyst 15.11 driver package.

before I installed the new graphics card and the crimson drivers I uninstalled the old catalyst drivers.

But ever since I use the rx480 combined with the crimson drivers, I have some weird ground texture flickering in the game War Thunder. I recorded it on a Video and hope it is cleary visible.

FormatFactoryaces 2016 12 22 18 53 32 45 - YouTube


I tried to solve the problem already by myself and did some research but had no success. I can tell that this problem wasn't the case with my old 7870 combined with the last catalyst drivers. And it seems that it is an issue with the anisotropic filtering. In War Thunder I am running at 16x filtering. When deactivating the anisotropic filter completely this flickering disappears mostly. It doesn't matter if I force the driver to use it or select application selected.

The issue is existant with all crimson driver versions (currently I'm running the newest one, 16.12.2).

But it seems that it is a War Thunder exlusive problem because I haven't noticed such bad filtering in any other game so far.