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    Weekly Topic: Favorite Video Game Story/Campaign

      Welcome back y'all, it's that time again, and I'm excited for this weeks topic.


      When I was streaming the other day, I honestly couldn't think of what I would post for this week's debate. I didn't want to keep going on with favorite games or a certain genre, and I'm not sure we at the level to start discussing hardware (it can get messy, okay?)


      So we were playing Halo 5, and my roommate says, "Man, I don't know if any game will ever have a better story than Halo 1."


      Instantly, I knew that would be our topic for the week. What's our favorite video game story? This is one of the only topics that completely defies genres and boundaries. Not all games have stories, but when they do... Man some of the best narratives I've ever witnessed/read/experienced have come from games, and I have a degree in Literature. HA.


      We started discussing our favorite stories and there was a lot of the usual: Mass Effect, Halo, Starcraft, Warcraft, among many others. I love them all, but I couldn't say that one of those is my favorite. There was another game that totally drew me in, and had me feeling lost when it ended. I can't truly express my love of Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos in words. The story was so riveting, and drew in on the very first mission. I was DEVASTATED when Arthas commenced the Purging on Stratholme, and I was ecstatic with the Battle of Mount Hyjal. Honestly, this story line was what got me to fall in love with WoW down the road.


      So, now I ask, what is your favorite story in a video game?

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          Planescape: Torment for me. Just a fascinating story with unique characters and overall excellent writing.

          I also loved Advent Rising, too bad they never made the sequel the end alludes to.

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            I am fond of the Halo:Reach Campaign, COD4 MW Campaign, Deadspace 2, Portal, Alien : Isolation all had awesome moments for me.

            It's hard to choose one. But the first story I ever really fell into was Final Fantasy 7. Guess I am not really answering the question.

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              My favorite story in a game of recent is Middle Earth Shadows of Mordor

              probably my all time favorite though is KotOR 2: The Sith Lords

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                Oh man, this is a tough one.. do I go for HL or HL2, Titanfall 2, Spec Ops: The Line... or perhaps Mass Effect (as a trilogy), Baldur's Gate, Planescape: Torment...


                Gonna give some Indie love in the end, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is such a beautiful game from start to finish, with all the things it does to multiply the emotional bond that you get with the brothers (using one controller stick for each, using a made up language).

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                  In my opinion Wolfenstein: The New Order and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood have great story line and characters, better than Halo: Combat Evolved in my opinion. Halo's story moves very fast from one location to the next whereas in Wolfenstein the story is introduced to you piece-by-piece - often in Wolfenstein you are introduced to new things through newspapers, or by reading character's letters or diaries. I have watched "the making of" and it seems that the creators of the new Wolfenstein games have very good creative writers for the story. If you guys want to play an FPS that stands out from the crowd then get Wolfenstein. People moan and complain that The Old Blood "isn't worth it" but it definitely is worth it, I paid full price within a few weeks of its release and I didn't regret it.

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                    Well I would go for Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII, Max Payne 3, Metal gear solid 4, Splinter Cell series, Little big adventure 2!!!

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                      While it might not be the best story ever told, I'm rather fond of Tales from the Borderlands. If you've played it you'll know that it plays nothing like the Borderlands that we've come to know and love. In fact it's not even a first person shooter, instead its game play can best be described as more of an interactive movie. Which is perfectly okay because it's not the game play that makes Tales of the Borderlands so great, its the story. Which is spot on with everything we've come to know and expect of Pandora. At no point did it feel like it was contrived, dull or boring, quite the opposite. Somehow the game manages to seamlessly blend everything that makes Borderland's so great with what is at times a rather morbid sense of humor. At times it might be disturbing, yet it works so well in the context that is Pandora. The game also managed to make me care even more for the characters than I have in just about any other game. Because the story is so good all to often I found myself laughing and smiling, and at times cringing and others even sad.


                      If you enjoyed any of the previous Borderlands games you'll love Tales of the Borderlands, I know I did.


                      "Everyone thinks they're the hero of their own story."

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                        Dishonored. To me it felt quite immersive, there's multiple ways to beat a level and experiment with your powers. The art style is really good too.


                        Shadow Warrior. It's a somewhat mindless shooter or first person hack and slash. The dialogue is humorous and there's multiple weapons available, though you'll probably stick to the sword most of the time. Plus the game has some gorgeous scenery.


                        If you have Portal 2 then I'd recommend you get Portal Stories: Mel. It's puzzles are a bit more challenging compared to the other Portal games. Though it definitely feels like Portal 1.5 rather than a simple mod.

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                          I guess I'm a bit old school but I love the Zelda's classic storyline. Especially OOT. When that came out I got lost in that story. Simple but powerful to me.

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                            Another World, this story is goood.

                            The Lucas Arts games: Age of the tentacle, all the indiana jones point and click but the best is the fate of atlantis, secret of monkey island.

                            Half Life, Half Life 2, Portal.

                            Alan Wake.

                            Starcraft,broodwars, Stacraft 2

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                              Nothing has been as good as Witcher 3 for me. A second place is SC/SC2 story across 5 games.

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                                Black and White had a crazy story.

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                                  I think one of the stronger in game stories for me was in Mass Effect 1.  The story tied in beautifully with the Paragon/Renegade system the game offered up.   Even the primary antagonist Saren could essentially be scene as playing the "Renegade" part.  Great game, great universe, great story.  While the subsequent games improved the gameplay overall, they failed to deliver on the promising start of the original game as far as narrative.  The third game especially created far too many narrative problems when viewed as part of a series.  But the original remains one of the strongest I have ever played.


                                  As others have mentioned however, Planescape:  Torment is the best game I have played in  he story department.  Just a fantastic release from beginning to end.