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    FPS gets randomly halved in games, restart/rollback to pre-ReLive drivers helps


      Ever since ReLive hit I've had these random occurrences of FPS being halved in all games. GPU utilization drops, nothing helps, only a restart. It's frustrating restarting every few hours because of this.


      Any fixes apart from rolling back? I've used DDU, safe mode, all multiple times, you name it. Re-rolled to the pre-ReLive drivers, now with 16.12.2 tried it again and the same FPS halving happens, same story all the time. Makes me sad :<


      WattMan settings haven't been touched, set up some game profiles to limit FPS to 60-100 in Crimson, use MSI afterburner for custom fan curve.




      R9 290X Tri-X 4G (new version)

      Windows 10

      Happens on 16.12.1 and 16.12.2

      AOC G2460PF@144 Hz with Freesync (30-144) (DP); Samsung SyncMaster 743B as second screen for temperatures (DVI) (constantly has task manager and Speccy on the screen)

      Gigabyte H97-HD3

      Intel i5 4590

      Seasonic S12II 620W

      8 GB RAM