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Very poor performance on World of Warcraft: Legion

Question asked by uga on Dec 22, 2016

I am obtaining very unsatisfactory FPS performances from WoW: Legion on a laptop with

- A10-7400P (with integrated Radeon R6)

- Radeon R5 additional discreet card

- Latest Radeon drivers (16.12.2)

- Windows 10, 8GB ram, SSD main drive

- Cards properly configured to work together under Dual Graphics setup  (and they are indeed active together - checked during runtime)


I say the performances I get are absolutely unsatisfactory for 2 reasons:

1) In absolute terms: while setting the game's preferences at minimal graphics level ("Level 1" + Disabled antialiasing + Disabled Vsync), I get max 20fps in very scarsely populated areas, and 1 - 5 fps in raids.

2) In relative terms: I have another laptop, also with Win 10, 8GB drive, SSD main drive, i5 2.5GHz CPU with a much poorer GPU (integrated Intel HD3000) specs, which produces the exact same results as above.


Although I do understand I'm not running a "gaming laptop" by any means, I can't believe its expected performances are "so poor".

I do suspect I have some serious configuration mistake going on.


Any help is appreciated in advance!